ID66 - Free or Discounted Service Call Overview & Sample

We believe that eAutomate (if set up correctly) should know what to charge a customer and that it should not be left to the discretion of dispatch or the technician. This alert is to notify someone when the eAutomate rate is over ridden. eAutomate says you should be charging for this call but someone decided not to charge or changed the rate etc. If they really should have an IT Services contract and you are going to let it slide “this time” perhaps make sure the customer is made aware.

Please click HERE to learn about Best Practices for new installations and our accompanying alerts for managing this process.

To clarify further (as this alert is checking a couple of things and can be confusing) this alert was built around trying to identify when a user has used a billcode on the service call that is not matched to the Contract Record (if the machine is on contract) or the Equipment Record (if no active contract found for that machine) so that someone (like the service manager and/or admin supervisor) can look at the call to see if the user made an appropriate selection. The alert is trying to spot 'suspect' usage by assuming that 95% of the time, the calls should be using the 'default' billcode and users should not typically have to manually override the billcode for that call. It doesn't mean that they "never" do...only that it should be an exception and not report 30 or 40 times a day. 

Also, the alert checks to see if the Billcode has a billable labor rate but the call was invoiced at $0 (meaning someone manually overrode the labor rate) that's where they either gave away the service by just forcing $0 into the billable amount ...and the top check (changed billcode) is where they might have selected a non-billable billcode when the equipment default billcode was billable. 

This alert fires AFTER invoiced.


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