ID388 - Low profit contract with new service call Overview & Sample

This alert is designed to give you a heads up when there is a new service call for a contract with low profit.  To calculate the profitability, the alert will look back 24 months, if the contract has been in place that long. If there are not two years of data, the alert will look back 12 months, then six months, then three months. Use the Variables to exclude brand new contracts and to set the profit levels. Currently, this alert ignores contracts where costs and revenues are not directly associated to the same contract. Note that, at present, Var2 and Var3 are NOT used to calculate complete contract performance and trigger this alert. This functionality will be built later. 





VariableW: Profit Margin % (example: .10 for 10% profit etc) contract is below to trigger alert, defaults to .20

VariableX: Advise tech to look for spare toner if SupplyCosts are X% or more of total costs (example: 0.3), defaults to .30

VariableY: # months contract has to have been 'active' for to be considered in this alert, defaults to 6


Note that this alert WILL provide false positives (bad data) if you maintain contracts which record Costs or Revenue but not both. We have provided the functionality in Variable2 and Variable3 as the beginnings of a workaround to that problem, though these variables do not yet work. Eventually we intend to build this functionality into more of our analytics processes and actually consider RealRevenue vs. RealCosts by looking across multiple contracts.

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