ID560 - Low Profit Contract up for Renewal / Escalation - Overview & Sample

ID560 reports on active contracts that have low profitability and have no increase dates set after the dates (referenced in column 2) the current increase date.

**see our alert ID261 to be notified of contracts missing auto rate increase on Contract Record**

Rate increase schedules are set in either the base and/or overage rates, (referenced in column 3).

Click link on rate increase setup -

If contracts are terminated or have another increase date set for after the date it’s reporting then they fall off the list.



  1. By default we will look back 12 months but this is a variable.
  2. We show the Period margin which is that 12 month default.
  3. We also show the contract life margin.
  4. In addition we show the Customer period and life margin. You may have one contract you are losing money on but another that is very profitable.
  5. We show the Net Promoter Score, if you have a very happy customer perhaps they can be increased in price, if a very unhappy customer that you are also losing money on then perhaps it's time to fire them.


Run ID150 Custom report named "Contract Analytics Customer Profitability" for more detailed analysis of these contracts profitability


Alert Variable Options:

VariableW: RollingPeriodsBack to report (defaults to RM12-looks back 12 months)

VariableX: ContractType code(s) to report (separate list with comma) or blank for ALL

VariableY: Contract active more than Y Months (defaults to 6 months)

VariableZ: CustomPropertyAttribute on Contract Record for SnoozeDate

Variable2: NoteType code used on Contract notes for action plan (defaults to ReviewAction)

Variable3: Min# of active machines on contracts to consider (please leave at default of 0)



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