ID46 Tech Warehouse Activity Report Overview & Sample:

Report of everything that comes into and out of Tech Car Stock and Customer Site Warehouses each day

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This alert sends a report of everything that comes into and out of tech's Car Stock or Customer Site Warehouse each day. We suggest sending to techs so they review and if everything is okay, then delete the email. The logic is that when it comes time to do car-stock 90 days later the technician can't say, "I never got that".

Accurate technician car stock is key in lots of areas:  ensuring parts costs are allocated to correct contracts, ensuring parts are not going to black market sales, ensuring the tech has the necessary parts to complete the call 1st time etc.

It shows a positive number for received parts and a positive number for parts allocated to un-invoiced calls because those parts are technically still in the techs inventory. It shows a negative number when the call is invoiced because this removes the parts from the tech's inventory. 

Sends PDF report via email as well as provides link to run On Demand SSRS Report. Please see below for instructions/options on running SSRS Report.

Run Schedule: Weekdays or Weekly on Friday Evenings

Type of Output: Email and On Demand SSRS Report


*  *  *



*Costs shown are average costs*

Service Call Transaction:


Transfer Transaction:



PO Transaction:


Total: Each warehouse will show total indicating Net Change:


Sample with no costs shown:



*  *  *





VariableW: email will only report for e-automate Employee Records set with Custom Property ZCJFieldTech set to YES, more here.

VariableX: Default is set to run Daily. Set frequency of alert. Set to 'Daily' if you want alert to send each weeknight evening or to 'Weekly' to send Friday evenings only for the week's activity. This alert always runs in the evening.  It's a requirement of the logic used. Must be scheduled for each evening to report daily activity

Variable1: Indicate via Yes/No if you would like Cost to display on email output. Costs shown are average costs.

VariableZ: Email will report on warehouse activity where warehouse set with YES for Custom Property listed in VariableZ, BUT also requires tech e-automate Employee Record ZCJFieldTech (VariableW) be set to YES.


*  *  *

Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

-Service calls appear on this report for the day they were invoiced and the day they were completed (if there's a difference).  The alert assumes once a call moves into Completed or OK-To-Invoice status, it will be invoiced in a timely fashion (same day). Very occasionally you have cause to move the call back into Hold Status. The logic assumes there is no good reason for a call to be completed and not invoiced. So if you have a call still appearing on this alert, this alert assumes the tech still needs visibility into what he/she did on that call. 

-This report may reflect activity from previous dates if there were edits made to the call today that impacted inventory.

-Shows Create Date and Post-Create Date as date created may be different than date of actual transaction

-Costs shown are average costs

-Sorted by Order By Date and then by Transaction Type

-Formatted for export as PDF, 8.5 x 11 size

-Report considers three types of transactions in e-automate:

1. Service Calls 

2. Transfers/Inventory Adjustments

3. PO Receipts

Summary vs. Detail Format

Summary vs. Detail Format:

-Emails listed in To/CC/BCC of your ID46 subscription will only receive Summary Format. 


-Select To Tech and/or To Tech Manager for email to send to Technician (uses email on Tech's eAuto Employee Record) and for Manager to receive. Manager will receive separate email for each technician (not a roll-up summary format).



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On-Demand Report Filters

On-Demand Report Filters



From and Thru Date - Please note this report does a lot of "heavy lifting" digging into the real time Inventory Transactions, so the more info you request, the harder it is on your server which could bog down server performance and/or results from the report.

Field Technicians - This is any e-automate Employee Record with Custom Property ZCJFieldTech set to YES that also has Warehouse.


**You must also have the tech assigned to their warehouse here:


Non Field Tech Warehouses - This is any warehouse in e-automate that is not linked to Employee Record containing ZCJFieldTech set to YES. All warehouses created in e-automate can be found under Inventory/Warehouses:


Include Cost - Indicate Yes to show average costs on report, Indicate No to show no costs (will show as $0.00)

*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

Best Practices & Tips

What to look for if a technician is not receiving emails:

What to look for if a technician is not receiving emails:

1. Tech will NOT receive email if there is no activity to report on

2. Did the part come out of the tech's warehouse directly? Alert will not show part unless part was assigned to tech's warehouse before being used on service call. See instructions for using e-view below.

3. Does your tech have a valid email address on his/her e-automate Employee Record?

4. Does tech's e-automate Employee Record have Custom Property ZCJFieldTech set to Yes


5. Is the tech listed on Warehouse Record:


6. Customer Site Warehouse not reporting? Does Customer Site Warehouse have Custom Property ZCJTechNumber set with a tech as shown below?



Creating Custom Property ZCJTechNumber:

Creating Custom Property ZCJTechNumber:

Step 1:

Via Tools / Lists & Codes / Attributes, add attribute ZCJTechNumber:

Attribute name: ZCJTechNumber

Description: Tech employee number on account (CEOJuice ID46)

Data Type: Lookup

Lookup type: Employees (becomes SH_AGENT_NUMBER)


Step 2:

Via Lists & Codes, add this Attribute to Configurations (Custom Properties)

If you do not already have a Configuration for Warehouse, then select New and add:

Name: Warehouse

Description: Warehouse

Group: Warehouse Properties


You will be prompted to add an Attribute, select ZCJTechNumber:


Once completed, Configuration will look like this:


Now this Custom Property will be visible on Warehouse Record / Custom Properties tab:


-e-view Inventory Warehouse History is a great tool to see the behind the scenes activity in e-automate to help understand why items are or are not showing on our report.

Was item transferred after the report time?

Was item transferred to/from the wrong warehouse?


Can filter using any of these options:


Type and Description/Source can give you insight as to how item was item was moved through e-automate:




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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID677 - Technician inventory car stock not counted


*  *  * 



For alert Version 20180301 and older (prior to SSRS conversion):

A Custom Report will also be installed that you can run on demand, filter by certain techs or date range. It will be installed in e-automate / Custom Reports Folder.


 Samples of Output:

From Invoiced Service Call: Quantity is shown as (-) negative as inventory is already gone from car stock. Cost of inventory removed also shown ($0.00).


From Uninvoiced Service Call: Quantity is shown as (+) positive as inventory has not been removed from car stock inventory according to e-automate.  Once call is invoiced, then will go to negative.


From Transfer: Sample shown in transferring inventory from Main Warehouse to Tech Warehouse, so quantity is positive as inventory has been added to tech warehouse.


From PO Receiver: Sample shown in for part received via PO and placed directly into tech car stock inventory.


 Samples not shown, but also transaction types are:

Void on CM# - inventory returned to tech car stock via credit memo in eAutomate

PO Recd Call# - inventory added to tech car stock via received PO linked to service call

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