ID695 - Survey Results e-view Overview & Sample:

ID695 is an e-view we install that you can run on demand to view/export your survey results to Excel.

In e-views, search for CEO Juice Survey Results under System.


There are numerous filter options to select from: by branch, customer name, technician, specific question, survey name (if you have multiple surveys), date range, etc.


Example: show me all responses to one question for one branch in this date range


How to Calculate your NPS Score via the e-view:

You will need to filter your data before getting an accurate score.  Since the e-view is showing raw data, you will need to include only the Ultimate Question in the filter and exclude the non answered / not applicable answers.


Once you have your filters set up, you will need to make a quick calculation.  At the bottom of the screen you will see your aggregates.  If you take the "SUM(PromoterValue)" and divide by the Record Count, then multiply by 100, you will get your NPS score. For example, in the image below, it would be 247/266 = 0.9286 * 100 = 92.86 NPS


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