ID695 - Survey Results eView: Calculating NPS Score

The new eView for Survey Results provides some extra data to give you an NPS score for the data in the view.  However, in order to get your NPS Score, you will need to filter your data before getting an accurate score.  Since the eView is showing raw data, you will need to only include the Ultimate Question in the filter and exclude the non answered/ not applicable answers.



For the NPS score this is the minimum you need to filter, you can also filter by technician, customer name, branch, date range, etc.  Once you have your filters set up, you will need to make a quick calculation.  At the bottom of the screen you will see your aggregates.  If you take the "SUM(PromoterValue)" and divide by the Record Count, you will get your NPS score. For example, in the image below, it would be 247/266 = 0.9286 * 100 = 92.86.


eView Filter Options:


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