ID51 - PO's Not Linked to AP Invoice Overview & Sample:

ID51 is to help you identify received PO’s that haven’t been linked to an invoice through Accounts Payable.  Your first step is to find out why invoice has not been entered yet.

If you determine invoice is to be entered, then you will need to create a Purchase Order Invoice and link it to the receipt.

Create Purchase Order Invoice by:

  1. Enter Vendor Name or Number
  2. Enter Type “Purchase Order Invoice”
  3. Enter your Vendor’s Invoice Number
  4. Enter total amount of invoice
  5. Enter receipt number




By entering your receipt number, you will see the items from the receipt populate into the invoice.

If need be, you can highlight each line item and edit the pricing information associated with that line item. Be careful to adjust the quantity as this will affect the received items and could adjust inventory.



You can also delete line items from the receipts section. This should only be done if these items do not match your Accounts Payable invoice from your vendor. But always be sure to let whoever receives items into inventory about the discrepancy.




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