ID613 - Vendor Cost Variance on PO Receiver to PO Voucher Overview & Sample:

This alert compares the vendor invoice price with the purchase order price at the item detail when an invoice voucher is keyed. PO Processor will automatically update the cost of an item if, when the item is received, it shows a different price than the price from the PO when it was received into inventory. This alert will let you know when any change happens so that the price change doesn't go unnoticed.

This alert has no variables. It's default schedule is each weekday morning.

**This alert is useful tool to verify that the voucher amount was the correct new price of the item. The alert is telling you that when you submitted your PO to the vendor, you had the item at the Receipt Amount in eAuto.  When the invoice was entered into AP, the item price was changed to the Voucher Amount.**

You may also want to consider ID642/Audit log report of Vendor Item Cost change from Snapshot. ID613 is detail of how it happened, but would not catch manual changes to vendor cost, but would alert you that average cost was just impacted. ID642 is just to catch any changes to actual vendor cost and has nothing to with whether or not average cost was affected.


Shows AP Voucher#, PO Receipt# and PO# as well as the Receipt Amount and Voucher Amount.


This corresponds directly to these transactions in eAuto:


Voucher Details:



Receipt Details:


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