ID896 - Supply Delivery Distribution Labels Overview & Sample

This is designed for a situation where you ship multiple supplies in a single box to a large customer location. The person who opens the box then has to figure out what floor/department each item needs to go to.

This process prints labels with the location remarks to be added to each individual item before they are boxed together. Each 'individual box' will have the distribution points for them to easily deliver the toner to the appropriate user vs. having to carry around a piece of paper and check off etc. We will print one label for each unique item qty:


**Please note, this alert is built for a very specific printer and label size.  We do not make customizations to the report due to the difficulty involved.  However, users can download the Crystal Report provided and make the changes themselves.

Basic Set Up Requirements:

  • Default windows printer needs to be the Zebra printer
  • Set eAuto printers for other items at the eAuto client level (desktop level) via: Tools \ Client Settings \ Printer Defaults should be pointed to another printer for Packing Lists, Picking Lists, Sales Invoice, Contract Invoice, Service Invoice, etc:
  • We only support 4 x 2 labels and no other sizes
  • These labels accessed via Crystal Custom Report we will install for you and filters on ship date not sales order date 
  • If you're on 16.1, you must install the updated CRRuntime on your eAuto server available in downloads on ECI's website
  • UserID must be associated with the Employee Record in eAuto in order for the entered by field to populate (see alert ID221 to be notified on any missing)
  • Shipping Contact must be populated on each line item within the Sales Order for that contact to populate on the label

**(It has been recommended by a user of this alert to export the label to PDF as once it is a PDF, then it is easier to change sizes without having to set the printer as the default.)  

Requirement for a specific label size (4x2) and one-up format (roll of single labels).

It will print ONE label per item quantity with the ordered by / equip#, model, equip location remarks / item , item description. So if customer ordered 1 box of each color toner for a machine, we print one label for each box. If they order quantity 2 of an item, we print one label for each unique quantity, so every individual 'item' on the order will have it's own label to be applied. User will run the custom report specifying the 'Shipment Number' (the items must be 'shipped' in eAutomate before you can print the labels)

Right now we are only supporting one specific Zebra printer, the GC420d printer using the EPL print driver. Please download driver from here:


You can use the attachment (below) to import the GC420d Label Printer Settings. Follow these steps to get to location for importing:

  • Go to the Print Driver Properties of the Zebra Label Printer

  •  Click on the “Advanced“ Tab

  •  Click on “Printer Defaults

  •  A new pop-up driver settings window will open up

  •  Next Click on the “Import/Export Settings” Tab

  •  Click on the “Export” Button

  •  Save the file with the name of “GC420d Printer Settings.drs” to your desktop or document folder.


Here are the print driver settings to use:






Client using this provided us the following steps for setting Printer:

Install ZebraSetupUtilities manually (not from a server)

Run zebra set up utility

Install a printer

Let it pre load printer install

Pick install new printer


Install Splwow64

Install the fonts

And after completing

Do all CEO J settings for 4x2, set stocks to 4x2 under options and make default on and other to none.


Log in to eAuto

Run a normal report

Then run ID896 Check output,

IT WILL USE ZEBRA PRINTER!!!!!! Only for report  ID896 - all other reports it will use you default print driver and use 8 x 11


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