Technician Bonus Program

This is an outline of a potential technician bonus program based on what our existing clients are using. If you want to get serious about a bonus program we suggest you look at BEI Services or Pros Elite Group where results are bench marked against industry averages.

We believe that there are many pieces that need to be in place to have a really effective service department but that it should all start with a good technician bonus program that will get some focus on the numbers and force you to verify the accuracy.

We suggest a bonus of $200 per technician per month but obviously choose what works for you, some clients have this at $1,500.

Note the metrics below are in our Tech Activity report ID204 and Survey Summary report ID557.

Here are the metrics we believe you should focus on:

  • First call efficiency, showed as a % - Goal 75% FCE gets you $50
  • Parts usage Average parts cost per call, Goal is average for team, gets you $35
  • Managed copies (color counts 4 times black), Goal is average for the team gets you $50
  • Total gross calls per day - Goal is 5 gets you $20
  • Response to Rate our technician overall question on closed call survey (fix the customer AND the problem) - Goal is 9.75 out of 10 gets you $20
  • Hours worked per day - Goal 75% travel + screwdriver $25
  • Parts variance - Goal zero over 3 months
Each would impact the bonus based on % above or below goal
If your FCE was 75% of plan you get 75% of $50, if you were 125% of plan then 125% of $50.
Maximum possible bonus based on 100% is
We are working on a process to get a weekly update to the tech, showing how their activities for the previous week have impacted their bonus.
Other options to consider:
Carstock accuracy, remember a missing item worth $400 and a found item worth $500 is a $900 swing and not $100. Use ID291 to get the correct number.
A bonus for training completed.
We also suggest a bonus for Dispatch based on the % of emails collected and the number of survey responses, we believe this should be the dispatch responsibility for these reasons.
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