ID204 - Tech Activity Report (SSRS) Overview & Sample

Business Purpose:

The Tech Activity Report stack ranks all your techs based on those standard metrics like gross calls per day, net calls, hours worked etc. It is designed as a snap shot to see who is working effectively. Knowing who is working a full day, who is fixing a call correctly the first time, and has the parts they need available is key information about the effectiveness of your service team. We send it on a Monday for the previous week but include a link that lets you change the date range and other options and view in a browser. (Run Full Report Here)

This alert shows key metrics (from both completed and invoiced service calls) that you should be focused on to ensure your technicians are being effective.

**Report is only built to look back 6 months max, it is not built to run history beyond 6 months from date you are running.**

Here are some industry benchmarks: In the MFP world reschedules should be 8%, callbacks should be 10%, total work time should be 7-7.2 hours and FCE% should be 82%.

We are happy to review this report with you and talk about additional processes based on what we see in your report.

This alert will email each Monday AM for the previous week's activity. Emails generated to those listed in to/cc/bcc will receive separate email by Tech Manager. Report can be run manually on demand with available filter options as needed via your SSRS Reports link. (Please see THIS POST on how to access your SSRS Reports. Or feel free to email us at for your company's specific link.)

Subscribing to this alert? Please make note of these variable options:

VariableX - specify OnHold codes (in addition to PA/PartsAvailable) as indicating the tech has the parts he was waiting on. This is used to calculate the column [PartsAvailableTech to Close]

VariableY - you can disregard as not used in current or past alert versions

VariableZ - Types of calls excluded from the NetCalls calculation - this will effect the filter used for Monday AM email sent containing report



This report does not send to the individual technician, only to each technician manager. The 'ToTechnician' checkbox does not have any functionality in this case. Only the 'ToTech Manager' checkbox will work for this alert.  


For versions 2017 or higher, please read below:

Filter Options:

**Manager & Tech Must Be Selected in order to move through remaining filters**

1. Select only for Make(s) - use drop down filter to see report for selected Make(s)

2. Call Category - we highly recommend leaving this filter wide open and selecting ALL. If not, then stats will be skewed (i.e. total calls)

3. Formula for Net Calls - select from drop downs available to determine what formula used for Net Calls Column calculations (e.g. Total CmCalls - Incompletes - CallBacks). See **VariableZ for formula used when alert triggers email each week.**


Top Margin of SSRS Report:

1. Use these tools to save as, refresh or print report as needed Note: Default Print Size is 11x17

2. Report header shows selected date range, working days in period (per EA Company Hours set), selected managers and techs. Also shows what formula set for Net Calls.



Sample & Column Explanations:

(right click on image to enlarge)


**In gray (10%, 8%, 82%) we show Target Percentage and Info button takes you to documentation details/overview link**

1. Gross Work Days - per your date filter settings on report, total number of work days set in eAuto SLA Code / Company Hours (details on where/how set HERE)

    Unavailable Days - per Time Card and/or Unavailable Entries for Tech (please use SSRS ID205  Tech Time Log to evaluate details)

2. Net Days in Period - Difference between Gross Work Days and Unavailable Days 

3. Missing information here? verify you're using needed Call Categories in report filter settings

    Total Calls - total calls in period based on Call Category filter

    All CM Calls - total of call corrective maintenance category calls

    PM Calls - total of preventative maintenance category calls

    Shop Calls - total of shop category calls

    Other Calls - total of all other category calls not set as CM and PM calls

Based on Call Type Code seen in Lists & Codes / Call types:


4. Net Calls - based on your formula selected in Net Calls filter on report (filter for email generated each week is set in VariableZ of your ID204 subscription)

5. Gross CPD - Gross Calls per Day, formula is (Gross Work Days - Unavailable Day) / Total Calls

6. Callback Calls - callbacks being charged to that technician for that time period. In other words, a call the tech worked previously generated a callback so the tech that did the original call is charged with a callback. (per settings found HERE in eAuto) / %-of-CallBacks is Count-of-CallBacks divided by NetCalls

7. Callbacks Generated - The number of calls generated in that time period that are currently flagged as a callback that the tech worked on.  / % of Net Calls - the quantity of these call backs generated as % calculation against Net Calls. Remember the tech that did the call that didn't stay fixed and resulted in a callback may not be the same tech that goes back out.

**Please note, the CallBacks Generated column could change for a reporting period due to the nature of the logic. For example, when you run the report for last week, you might get a count of 3, but if you come back 4 weeks from now and rerun the report for the same time frame...other calls might have triggered a callback!! Therefore you should not use this CallBacks Generated column for any key performance indicator since it's not a 100% stable historical number, whereas 'CallBack Calls' is (Callbacks are the calls that are the callback call and that flag does not change unless you void a service call for the period)

8. Incomplete Calls - Total of all calls for period that are considered incomplete calls / % of Gross Calls - the quantity of these call backs as % calculation against Gross Calls. Look at this number over a few months to see who has a high number then see what their inventory levels are like. An incomplete is typically because a part was needed. Ask Juice for help setting up your auto mins and maxs levels for that tech.

9. Reschedule Calls - Total of all calls for period that are considered rescheduled calls / % of Gross Calls - the quantity of these rescheduled calls as % calculation against Gross Calls. These are the follow up calls, not the call that was incompleted.

10. Gross FCFR - Gross First Call Fix Rate.

FCFR Gross is number of calls completed without a Reschedule against the 'Total Calls' column

11. Net CM CPD - Net Corrective Maintenance Calls per Day = of Net Calls, the quantity set with Corrective Maintenance Category Call Type

12. Net First Call Fix Rate - formula =100 - (Call Back Calls % + Incomplete Calls %)

FCFR Net is number of calls completed without a reschedule against the 'Net Calls' Column. The NetCalls formula is set in VariableZ (Types of calls excluded from the NetCalls calculation) also filter option on the manual report.


1. Installed Parts Cost - total cost (based on average cost) of items (of any type, report considers any item used on service call) accounted for on service calls (based on service call invoiced date)

2. Average Installed Parts per Call - average of installed parts based on gross calls (Parts Cost / Gross Calls)

3. Previous Call Parts Cost -  sum of cost of parts (considers only items categorized as part via Item Record) consumed on calls, based on previous date range.

4. Previous Parts Cost per Copy - value of Previous Call Parts Cost divided by the number of clicks between previous call and reported call

5. Repair Time - Total Work Hours/Actual Labor Time (time between arrival and departure) - does not include travel time

6. Average Repair Time Per Call - Formula = Total Work Hours / Total Number of Gross Calls

7. Parts Available - the average time from a call being released from final hold until call is closed, whether PartsAvailable (PA) or another OnHoldCode as specified in the VariableX on your alert subscription. ((consider alert ID715/Parts received for service call not worked/completed in Y days) 

8. Travel Time / Average Travel Time per Call - per travel time entries on service calls

9. Corrective Maintenance Response Time - average response time for all corrective maintenance call types during period reporting (excludes rescheduled calls)





1. Total Work + Travel Time - total repair and travel time for period reporting

2. Mileage - total miles reported for period reporting

3. Survey Rank Technician - average rating for question "rank your technician overall" on service surveys submitted for period reporting (based on service call completion date, not date survey submitted)

4. Calls on Equipment Not Assigned to Tech - calls for the reporting period which were on equipment not showing the tech completing the call to be the tech assigned to the equipment record in eAuto. (If you drill down under tech's service call detail, you will see which of the service calls this applies to.)

5. See ID205 Tech Time Log for details (if you're missing details for any tech, ensure the Time Card Export box is checked on techs eAuto Employee Record)

6. Broken down based on your ID295 Model Category Mapping App. If you aren't subscribed to ID295, please consider! Otherwise all stats in MFP column and no breakdown available. See ID207 Pages Serviced & Parts Variance Details for details.



*Tech Assists- Assisting techs should also show their time under the call in their section. We look at the labor records, so primary tech should get hours credit for their labor records and same for the assisting tech*


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    Eric Gray

    This is a very impressive set of reports.  They must have been a challenge to create.  We are looking forward to using them.

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