ID928 - Schedule Calls with Appointments Overview & Sample:

Currently eAutomate does not stop the clock on scheduled calls. It will only stop the response time clock when a call is put on hold. Best practice for handling scheduled calls is to create a specific on hold code for scheduled calls, then place them on hold with this on hold code so the response time clock is stopped.  Unless you pay attention to the Day View in eAutomate's dispatch console, you have no way of being alerted to an appointment for a scheduled call. Each morning, this alert will send the tech a list of their appointments for scheduled calls that day. It will also send an email when the appointment is within VariableW hours of due time. This alert can also be used as a reminder to release the hold so your response time is not negatively impacted on scheduled calls.


Sample Summary for Day:

Sample Single Call/Escalation Notice:

VariableW=Enter number of hours prior to due time you would like escalation email sent

This variable defaults to 2 hours which means tech will receive Single Call/Escalation Notice 2 hours prior to schedule start time. 

**Please note alert will auto send each morning (hard coded trigger time so not able to customize), if scheduled call is less than VariableW when AM Summary Email sends, that scheduled call will not be included on Summary Email.

You can enter -1 in VariableW if you don't want Single Call/Escalation Notice sent out. You will receive all scheduled calls for that day each AM via the Daily Summary and you will still receive email if scheduled time missed.


This alert looks for open service calls with status of 'scheduled'. To schedule a service click, right click on call and select "schedule", enter scheduled date and time as shown below:



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