ID929 - Calls with Response Time Ticking Overview & Sample:

Many service calls get put on hold or scheduled for a later date to meet your customer's requirements. To ensure the tech response time isn't incorrectly effected, this alert will notify you of calls that are either (1)scheduled but not put on hold or (2)of calls that are put on hold but the response time is still ticking or (3)of calls showing an estimated start time greater than the due time.

The logic looks for three conditions on Correct Maintenance and Preventative Maintenance Service Calls:

  1. Scheduled Status
  2. OnHold with a code that doesn’t stop the clock
  3. Not Scheduled or OnHold but EstStartDate set beyond a standard response time





You will see 1 of 3 reasons in last column/Reason for Triggger:

1. HoldCode does not stop Response Time clock - so either the HoldCode is incorrect or the HoldCode needs to be edited to stop the clock. This is done via Tools/Lists & Codes/On hold codes:


2. Scheduled Status Used - check to make sure the call is scheduled correctly:

To schedule a Service Call, right click on the call in Dispatch Console and select 'schedule' to be taken to this screen:

**Be sure to put this call OnHold as well (recommend using HoldCode of 'Sched' or something similar)


3. Call not properly Scheduled - 

Indicates the Est Start Date is more then 19 hours away so you should consider putting call On Hold to stop the clock.

(The rationale was a call entered in eAuto at 3PM and standard response time is 4 hours, then the Est Start Date/Time is set for 10AM the next day. This alert considers all hours in the day, not just business hours, so anything in excess of 19 hours should be well beyond standard 4 hour response time.)

 This alert has one Variable:

VariableW = Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL





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