Searching for and Subscribing to Alerts on Website has been updated and is much easier to navigate through and provides more tools for you. The new site is also mobile device friendly so you can view and scroll through it on your phone, tablets, etc.

**We recommend Chrome for browser as it seems to perform best**

Searching for alerts:

Click on Subscriptions in the upper right to get to the list of alerts.


Shown here is how a user with Admin Rights can navigate through alerts and available filters (right click on image to make it larger for viewing):


(1) Search by specific ID# (format 109) 

(2) Filter by Tags - we have 'tagged' each alert with one or more tags to link them to functions within eAuto. You can select one or more or none:


(3) Saved Searches - There are several saved searches that you can utilize to filter the list of alerts. You can use these searches in conjunction with Tags.


(4) Subscription Tools - There is an option to replace an email recipient on an alert or replace the from email on alerts. More details on this here.

(5) Clicking on each of the five buttons will filter the alerts list to match the alert status for your company.

(6) This "wildcard" search allows you to put any word and will search for that word in all alerts title and description and show you all alerts containing that word.


Alert Details:

Click on the ID number (1) to view the alert details and subscribe to the alert.


**You can right click on the ID number and choose "Open in a new Tab" to open the alert details in a new tab of your browser. This is helpful when you have a filtered list of alerts you've searched...if you click on an alert and then use the back button you'll return to the full list of alerts, not your filtered list.**

The Business Case explains the purpose of the alert, if you click on business case (2) text, you will get box showing full purpose of the alert:



Subscribing to Alerts:

Click on the ID number to open the alert details. Click on the Red "Click to Subscribe" button (1), it will change to green and show "Subscribed"


The snooze feature (2) allows you to "snooze" an alert you are subscribed to until a later date (by clicking on the button and changing from "Not Snoozed" to "Snoozed"). This will effectively change your subscription status to "unsubscribed" but still active. This keeps the alert from triggering until the snooze is turned to back to Not Snoozed. You can enter a date for Snoozed Until and you will receive an email reminder to turn the alert back on. The alert will not turn back on until you edit the subscription and set the snooze button back to "Not Snoozed".

In the Email Output section, you can edit the default subject (1), update the email address the alert will send from (2) and enter the email addresses for the recipients on the alert (3). *The from email address will default to the email address that we know we have permission to send from.




Click on the Variables tab of the alert to view any variables on the alert. Enter any needed information for the alert. **Any default values on the alert will auto-populate.


Once you've added in the variable information, click on the green Save button (1) to save the changes:



To go to the documentation on the alert, click on the Documentation link (2).

For feedback on the alert, click on the Feedback (3) link. More information on the Feedback process here.





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