ID559 - Detractor Service Call Placed Overview & Sample

Would you want to be notified when a customer is unhappy with the level of service they previously received from your company when they place a new service call? This alert looks at responders to the Net Promoter Score and alerts when a detractor places a service call. Assumes you are using our closed call survey ID109 and/or one of its alternates. We recommend this goes to tech and tech manager.

Email will show you the details of the service call placed today and the historical service call info for time period you indicate in VariableY.

VariableY = # of months to look back for a detractor

See ID612 for updating your Service & Sales Messages with detractor info so your dispatchers and order entry staff can be aware of detractors too! 

**Please note ID559 fires at customer level, not contact level. The previous detractor could be another contact but all at same customer.


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