ID109 Service Call Survey Overview & sample

Our service call survey ID109 is our most popular process, and we believe this process will have the single biggest impact on your business. Measuring customer satisfaction can have a huge impact on setting your dealership apart from others. We encourage you to just get it started and tweak it later.

15 minute video overview here . Additional links on Net Promoter Score (NPS), survey responses and understanding results click here

*Sent out one day after a call has been invoiced (must be no open calls / reschedules).

*Only sent on calls with call types linked to call type 'category' CM-Corrective Maintenance (can be customized if needed).

*Calls needs a contact/email linked in call "caller contact" field, click here

*Ability to turn off survey for a customer or a contact if they request, click here


Survey Questions

All questions can be customized, however we suggest you start with our template below. We give you a DashBoard where you can see what questions are being answered and the % that are ignored and we do not set any question as mandatory. 

You can email and we will modify the questions for you.

There are three key questions that will break some reports if changed:

1. How likely are you to recommend our company to a friend or colleague? (This is the Net Promotor Score question and cannot be changed if you want to track a score)

2. Rate our technician overall

3. Rate our dispatch overall

Our default questions:

Example of a shorter version:



Cover email 

This is our standard template, can be customized as needed. We would recommend adding a personalized signature block (examples here):





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