ID109 Service Call Survey Overview & sample

The service call survey ID109 sends a follow up email to your customer after a service call is closed and includes a link to a short survey. This is our most popular process, and we believe it will have the single biggest impact on your business. Measuring customer satisfaction can have a huge impact on setting your dealership apart from others.

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Click here for a 15 minute video overview of the survey process. Additional links on Net Promoter Score (NPS), survey responses and understanding results click here

The survey is emailed out one day after the service call is marked completed AND invoiced, as long as there are no open/rescheduled calls in the system.

The cover email and questions are all customizable, we have a default template and questions we would recommend you use, but you have the option to fully customize. 

Run Schedule: The alert runs every hour looking for new invoiced calls that qualify to send an email

Type of Output: A "customer facing alert", and email that is sent to your customers


*  *  *


Default Email sent to your customers, can be customized as needed


Default Survey Questions, can be customized as needed





*  *  *




Variable W: Number of days alert waits to send the survey out AFTER the call has been invoiced, default is 1 day (24 hours)

Variable X: Custom Property in Customer Record to use when you want to turn the survey off for a specific customer

Variable Y: Contact Category you would assign to a Contact Record to turn the survey off for that specific contact only

Variable Z: This variable is controlling how many Survey Responses from your customers you want to receive. You have the option to only receive a response if someone rates you below a target rate and/or leaves a comment. Defaults to 'All' to receive all responses, leave blank if you only want to receive responses below a target.

Variable 1: Optional only, if you want to survey specific call types, instead of the default CM-Corrective Maintenance category call types. List the call types to be INCLUDED (separate multiples with a comma)

Variable 2: Optional only, if using Variable 1, enter the other call types in your system that need to be EXCLUDED (separate multiples with a comma)


Variable 5Optional only, if you want to send surveys to customers in specific branches in your system only, list the branch numbers to be INCLUDED (separate multiples with a comma)

Variable 6Optional only, if using Variable 5, enter all branch numbers in your system that need to be EXCLUDED (separate multiples with a comma)

Variable 7Optional only, if you want to only send surveys for calls with specific billcodes, enter the billcode name here to be INCLUDED (separate multiples with a comma)

Variable 8Optional only, if using Variable 7, enter all bill codes in your system that need to be EXCLUDED (separate multiples with a comma)

*  *  *

Alert Functionality

Key Criteria that this process considers:

  • Call Types: By default this process ONLY considers service calls linked to a Call Type, that have been set to a Category of CM-Corrective Maintenance. If you opted to use Variable 1 to only survey calls with specific call types, then the alert will only consider those call types.


Review your current call types in EA under Tools / Lists & Codes.


  • The alert waits One day (24 hours) after a call has been invoiced before sending the email. There must be NO open calls or reschedules in the system for that equipment. If there is an open call, no survey will be sent on that first call, however it will be sent on the second call once it is invoiced (one day/24 hours after). This timeframe is set in Variable W, the default is 1 day and is our recommendation.
  • The service call must have a contact record with an email linked in the "caller contact" field. See ID87 and ID188 which will ensure your dispatchers are entering emails on calls.


             If the contact needs to be created, click New




  • Option to Turn OFF surveys for a specific customer who requests to stop receiving them. This is either set for a specific contact record OR entire Customer, by using custom properties. See link for more infoWe have found that most customers like being updated, and if they know the survey is optional and you don't               expect feedback every time, they are more likely to keep it active. See more info here on best way to handle 

           To turn off survey for a customer in Customer Record set ZCJDisableCallSurvey to Yes


           To turn off a Contact Record assign the Contact Category ZCJDNS109


Note in the default format of surveys, if you use the Parent/Child location setup, updating the parent customer will not disable at all child locations. Email if you would like us to make that change to include all sub locations when opting out the parent.

Survey responses are sent to the emails listed in the To/Cc/Bcc of ID109, and any of the checkboxes you select. Remember to make sure the 'from email' you use is a monitored email, in case a customer replies to the email with a question.


Survey Questions

The cover email and survey questions can be customized, however we suggest you start with our template. We give you a DashBoard where you can see what questions are being answered and the % that are ignored and we do not set any question as mandatory. 

You can email to make any modifications to the questions.

There are three key questions that will break some reports if changed:

1. If asked by a friend or colleague, how likely is it that you would recommend our company? This is the Net Promotor Score question and cannot be changed if you want to track your score.

2. Rate our technician overall

3. Rate our dispatch overall

Standard Questions:



The question "Would you like our free new process where we can email you when your service call is entered, and/or email again when the technician is dispatched (so you know which tech is on the way), and/or email you again when your equipment is fixed (in case you miss the technician)?". This process to automatically email these status updates is ID181, see more here on getting that going.

Example of a shorter version of Questions:




*  *  *


Best Practices & Tips

a)  Check the From email on the subscription, we recommend using a monitored email to send these out in case a customer replies to the email with a question.

b)  As previously mentioned, the cover email is fully customizable. Add logos, links to different social media platforms, or perhaps promote an upcoming event that your company is hosting. 

c)  If you opt to turn on ID181 emailing service call updates to your customers AND you ask the question on the survey if they want this feature, you will want to make sure the question style matches the type of 'mode' you opt to have ID181 on (it can be set to send on ALL customers calls OR selected customers calls (you select which customers get these email), more here on ID181. Two versions of the question:

Selected ModeWould you like our free new process where we can email you when your service call is entered, and/or email again when the technician is dispatched (so you know which tech is on the way), and/or email you again when your equipment is fixed (in case you miss the technician)?

All ModeWe have implemented a process to keep you notified of the current status of all your service calls. Currently, we notify you when your service call is entered, again when the technician is dispatched (so you know which tech is on the way) and when your equipment is fixed (in case you miss them). If you would like to no longer be notified of this, please choose "No" to be excluded from these emails.

If you are unsure on this, email the helpdesk and we can confirm that the survey question is set up correctly to match your ID181 settings.


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Additional Cloned IDs ID524, ID525, ID526, ID527 and ID528 - use for different call type to automate an equipment install survey or IT/networking survey. Or use to separate the standard service survey by different branches, each can have different email/cover email/logo/questions.


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