List of Compass Sherpa Alerts

See this link for Compass set up steps

See this link to have alerts look inside Compass (instead of EA) to see who is sales rep on account

In order for CEO Juice to access your Compass Sherpa database, we will need the following:

For Compass locally hosted on your server, you will need to set our CEOJuice SQL user access to that database.

For Compass hosted on an Azure Server (hosted by Compass), Compass will need to provide CEO Juice with the server address, database name, login and password to that azure SQL db, so we can create a linked server from your SQL to the azure SQL server.

Here is a list of our alerts for Compass Sherpa CRM:

ID258: QBR report, option to add functionality in Compass for reps to trigger, see THIS LINK for more info.

ID939: Request for Last X months Contract Invoices, to trigger inside Compass, see THIS LINK for more info

ID320: Our alerts can email the sales rep on an account, and we can either look inside eAutomate customer record OR Compass to see who the rep is. By default we will look inside eAutomate, email to get it set up to look in Compass.

ID741: Track changes for Opportunities (for Compass Sherpa versions below 4.0 only)


ID845: Forecast sale close date expired (to fall off the alert, an opportunity has to be assigned a Status of 'Closed' or 'Lost') 

**Use Variable1 to exclude specified stages


ID846: Sales Forecast Due next week -To Rep (shows only forecasts with estimated closedate in the next week, use ID845 to capture all of the past close dates.)


ID847: Sales Forecast Due next week Summary to Sales Manager and Owner



ID145: Send survey after sales appointment is completed, see THIS LINK for more info


ID850: Show appointments of Activity Type W or Excluding Activity Tupe X that are not complete (per your alert subscription)


ID852: High Profile Accounts not contacted in X days



ID849: (in development) Sales person marks a deal as won/lost

ID653: Update key customer information into Compass. We use the Compass ERP# to match up to eAuto Customer Number. We can update SalesRep/Primary Rep, CustomerName, Address, City, State, Zip, County, Phone and Fax# OR exclude any of these - just let us know what you would like to sync. (The alert will not consider or change any secondary rep assigned in Compass.)

We will need a SQL Authentication user that has full read/write permissions into the Compass database before installing this alert for you. 

*We will install in test mode first so you can review what changes would be made once running live.*


 You can search for these Compass Alerts on our website, click 'Search by Tags' and select "Compass Sherpa":


Please email us at if you have any questions or need assistance with subscribing.

If you are upgrading to Compass Sherpa 4.0, please email us at as we need to complete an update to these alerts for you.


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