ID258 - Account Review / Quarterly Business Review (QBR) Overview & Sample

This is for the new SSRS version, click here if you are still running the old Crystal version. Click below for 90 second overview.



This is a report for reps to use to do account reviews with their customers. We try to highlight points we think the rep should be discussing, whether it's problem equipment, contracts using too much toner, people that need additional training or problems getting meter readings.

It will show the average response time, machine availability % for period as well BW/Color/Total click volume by location of equipment at the time of billing. Also includes lease detail by machine and service details with response times, number of service calls by machine, and more! 

Provides useful quick dashboard at a glance info:

Click here for data that may be missing if not set up!

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This section shows Contract Toner Usage & Contract Profit (requires ID315 subscription set at Contract Level) with fill% and toners shipped for time period of your report filter settings. 

We show the Black and Color % fill for the contract as per our other toner alerts (ID315/ID758/ID350). Rather than showing the actual profit on the contract we color code it. The highlight color (below shown in green and yellow) will be red/green/yellow depending on your Gross Margin % filter settings.

The Gross Margin (GM) is based on the last rolling calendar year. Will be highlighted in red if your GM% is at or below your 'Red GM %' filter settings and will be green if your GM% is at or above the 'Green GM %' filter setting. If the GM% is in between both, then the highlight color will be yellow.  

The Report is broken in to sections and the Excel sheet breaks the review up by tab, click on each tab link for more detail on that section.

Click these links to see samples & overview of each tab:

Customer Review - DetailStats - EquipmentLeaseDetail - ServiceDetails - SurveyResponses 

This report can be run like our normal SSRS reports from a browser, it can also be requested by the sales reps within the CRM. We are currently just working with Compass Sherpa but ask your CRM Manufacturer to implement this. For the CRM version we email the sales rep (within 15 minutes of request) an Excel attachment (assuming they have security). The browser version can be exported to Excel and will then look exactly the same as the version the rep gets. Click here for where to find your SSRS reports.

Use Internet Explorer for best results! Report security is tied to eAutomate security, click here if your error message says Query execution failed for dataset 'ReportSecurity'.

Click here for how to set up the Compass interface and how the rep requests the report in Compass. As sales have no control over report parameters we allow you to adjust these via variables in the alert, click here for those details.

**Please note the variables in your subscription also effect your SSRS Report. The months of history filter on the SSRS Report will NOT override your Variable 1 setting**

**Recommend exporting to excel for printing/formatting/resizing - defaults to 11x17 paper size for printing**

Filter Options (right click on image to enlarge):

 Can search by (1) Parent CustomerNumber or by (2) Customer Name Contains. Once you select, then options specific to that Customer will appear in drop downs for (3) Select Main Customer Location, (4) Indicate contract type(s) for Managed IT Services (per VariableY in your alert subscription) and (5) Report selected contract(s). Please note this select contract(s) drop down will only show options if less than 50 contracts; otherwise, no choice and will run for all (due to SSRS limitation). 

(6) # of Months history to report (based on calendar year, not fiscal year) - this is from last completed month back to quantify of months you list on filter. The report defaults to months history listed on Variable1 of your ID258 subscription and can only be overridden at the subscription level (not at report filter level).

(7) Isolate Equip having # of CM Calls exceeding period (use VariableX to preset) - the purpose of this filter is to flag this equipment separately on the report, see below.

(8) indicate what color highlight to use at designated Gross Margin % for contract profit under Contract Toner Usage section (page 4)

(9) indicate how many machines to show in top list of machines by volume (Page 1)

**Below is a 30 minute webinar on the QBR including the Compass interface.**





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