ID939 - Request for last X months Contract Invoices Overview

This alert requires that your CRM has the ability to pass the eAutomate CustomerID, this alertID, # of months of invoices, and the requester's email address to our CEO Juice database. That will trigger our task engine to pull the last X months of contract invoices and send copies back to the 'requester' email passed to this alert.  We watermark the invoices for 'INTERNAL USE ONLY' to discourage sales reps from passing these back to the customer, as most dealerships want any A/R requests from customers to go thru the accounting dept.  These copies are so the rep can review the invoice details for their customer in case of any questions and/or as part of their business review.

Please note that if a rep asks for less than 3 months worth of invoices it will default to 3 months as that is the minimum. We have it on our 'to-do' list to control that via variable setting and allow for less than 3 months worth of invoices but if you need that limitation removed immediately please email us at

The invoices will be sent to the email associated to the Compass Sherpa user requesting the invoice. Anyone listed on the CC/BCC of your alert subscription will be included on what the Sherpa user requests.

Variables Needed (these will effect what is accessible from Compass):

VariableW - Indicate here the maximum # of months of contract invoice history you want to limit the requests to (max is 3)

VariableX -  Enter the company type(s) associated with Leasing companies you have setup as customers in eAuto, separate the list with commas. This excludes invoices with such BillTo from being emailed.


 **By design, this process is not intended to provide $0.00 contract invoices or invoices with BillTo of leasing company as these invoices are not typically shared with customers**

**If you have customized invoice formatting, then this alert process will not be able to pull in proper invoice details. We can accommodate but will be reserved for our CEO Juice+ clients.**

Available in Compass 4.0:

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