ID57 - POs Received today for Returnable Item and/or Linked Service Call or Inventory Request Overview & Sample:

To notify tech on PO-linked calls/requests when items are received and/or specify returnable items received to remind parts warehouse team that one or more of the items received require that the failed item be returned by technician so the core can be returned to supplier.


VariableW - 'Ignore' to ignore $0 POs, leave blank to report ALL

VariableX - 'Parts' to send your branch Parts Mgr a separate notification ONLY for items received which are returnable and linked to a Call


In order for an item to be flagged as "returnable", the Item Record must have 'Returnable' check box checked off (not left blank)



Returnable Item:

Item Received on Service Call with linked PO:

Item Received via Inventory Request:

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