ID563 - PO Item Received for Item Flagged as Returnable in eAutomate Overview & Sample:

ID563 is for when a PO returnable item is received (when you order advance hot swap). You order the item before you use it and have to return the old one. Our other alert ID90 reports that you used a returnable item (+clicks/days) and works after you use the part.  ID563 is a reminder that you just received an item that has to be returned. The idea is that whether the part is going out immediately on a call or not you should attach a note that reads 'Dear Tech: Please bring back the replaced item to be returned for credit OR ELSE.' If the PO Item is linked to the service call or a Request, and you select 'To Technician' in the subscription then the alert will cc in the tech to remind them to return the damaged item. You can also check To Creator and the alert will advise the user who received the item. The alert will fire within fifteen minutes of receipt.

Sample Output contains PO#, Call/Req#, Technician Name, Customer Name, Item#, Description, Qty Received, Qty Cancelled, Transaction#, Number to Return, Message, as shown below:


This alert has no variables.


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