ID64 - Preview of Lease Information for Admin to Ensure Accuracy Overview & Sample

This alert should go to your contract/lease department so they can review the leases for accuracy and make the necessary adjustments in eAutomate. This alert should go at least a day or two before the 2nd alert that goes to your sales team - ID65. Indicate if you want 'Summary' or 'Detail' in VariableZ.


VariableW: Expiring within W Months (defaults to 18 months)

VariableX: NoteType used for eAutomate Notes on lease (defaults to LeaseNotes)

VariableY: Alternate email to use when no Sales Rep associated with customer

VariableZ: Detail or Summary - Enter the word Detail or Summary to indicate the mode you want the output to be in (defaults to Summary)

Variable1: LeaseCodes to exclude (leave blank to report ALL)


Sample: (showing at Detail level)


(1) The Lease Notes column will populate either the notes from Contract Leases (screen shot #1 and #2 below)

Screenshot #1:

Screenshot #2:

OR it will show the most recent note in Contract Record Lease Tab:

The Note column will show the most recent note from Contract Leases (screen shot #1 and #2 above. If multiple notes are setup there, then will show where the note type matches VariableX.

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