ID667 - Update Equipment Leases in EA Overview & Sample

Click here for a step by step guide on using this App. Click here for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Leasing companies looking to setup API access click here.

Ensuring your reps are on top of lease end deals is critical (ID65 helps), ensuring techs are not putting parts in machines about to go back to the leasing company is also important (ID799) and you also need to ensure your leasing company is charging correctly when it comes to increases etc and that your reps have accurate information when quoting upgrade options. 

Up to now getting all your lease data in eAutomate and keeping it updated is a very manual process and can be a challenge!

This process uses an App to compare the lease data you have in eAutomate with your leasing company and choose what to update in eAuto. We can pull the leasing information through an API for Great America customers and pull from a spreadsheet for others (chase them to get us API access). 

We also often see where an addendum is signed and while the dealer has the original lease entered correctly, the update never makes it to eAuto.

Requires basic lease info and our app can help you get those loaded into eAuto even if you have nothing yet.  The basic requirements for the Service Lease record are shown below with red * .


We see very few dealers take the time to list all the equipment on each lease as it is just too much work, so we added that also.

This is a CEO Juice App, found where the rest of our Apps are, click here for more on finding Apps.

**For Great America you MUST enter your API key for us: Click here to see how to enter your GreatAmerica API key.


We show the eAuto columns in yellow next to the leasing company data. The Pink fields are where the data does not match.

  1. Choose how many rows you want to work with at one time (we suggest all before next step)
  2. Ask our app to match the lease company data to your eAuto data, we know you may not always add the trailing -001 etc and allow for this.
  3. Option to check all at once to update lease number in eAuto OR just check box in row to update just that one(s)

Other Options:

  1. Filter by leasing company
  2. Just see the ones that don't match
  3. Search for a specific lease
  4. Bulk update everything on that page or update lines/items individually



  1. Below we show if the lease is active in eAutomate
  2. The Asset column compares the number of assets (equipment) on each lease
  3. Clicking on the asset number takes you to the assets for that lease
  4. "Lease Occurs Multiples Times in EA" - mapping will not edit, need to correct on eAuto side first



The app sees duplicate assets and allow you to delete and ignore:


To ignore the mapping, click on the trashcan icon next to the lease, and then click on the - icon to ignore the mapping. Once you have ignored the mapping for the lease, that lease will not show in the list. To see the leases that you have ignored, click on the Show Ignored option (1), then you will see the leases ignored in the list again (2):


Click on the + icon to undo the ignore mapping on the lease.

The Other Tab lets you see what information we are getting from which leasing companies. For GreatAmerica we have access through their API (chase the other leasing companies to get this), for the others, you have to browse to find a spreadsheet. Use the original spreadsheet the leasing company sends as we have a template for each.

There is a sample of the US Bank spreadsheet attached.



Ready to get started? Click here for a step by step guide on using this App.


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