HubSpot Information and General Overview

The 3 main players in Inbound are HubSpot, Marketo and Pardot. Pardot was recently purchased by SalesForce. HubSpot is the current market leader and the product CEO Juice currently integrates with.

Outbound Marketing is the traditional marketing we have been doing for years, throw stuff out there and see what sticks. Mailshots, TV ads, email blasts, trade shows, telemarketers, down the street cold calling, it's all Outbound.

Inbound Marketing is where people come to you. Because so many sales start with a Google search it's all about the information that you put online to help people decide what product or service they want. That information has to be valuable to the prospect as they go through the "Buyers Journey".

Think about shopping on Amazon. You start by searching for the solution to a problem or for a product category, then you filter the results to get what you need, finally you read the reviews to see if the one you like best has good reviews. Dealers need to come up in results for the problems you solve / product categories. But you also need to have your offering online with reviews.

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