ID318 - ITT Equipment Revenue/Cost SSRS Report (In Development)

To compare the contract revenue on shipout equipment against vendor invoices (servicing dealer) linked to the equipment. 

Shipout equipment is identified by the value(s) you select for any of the following equipment fields:

  • Condition
  • Status
  • BillCode
  • Territory

In the appropriate variables below,  for the field you use to tag shipout equipment indicate the codes you associate so that the report will be able to identify the equipment this report will include.

Also, for additional reports, it's a best practice to use a custom property (type LOOKUP using ARCustomers..see documentation link for details on setting up that attribute type correctly) on the vendor record to link a vendor to the corresponding customer setup for the dealer, if you have a two way relationship where you and the other dealer are both servicing equipment for each other. The variable below will ask you the name of the custom property attribute assigned to the vendor record, and the report will help identify two way relationships that you do not have the vendor record linked appropriately. 

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