ID318 - ITT Ship Out Revenue Allocations SSRS Report Overview & Sample

To compare the contract revenue on shipout equipment against vendor invoices (servicing dealer) linked to the equipment. 

Shipout equipment is identified by the value(s) you select for any of the following equipment fields:

  • Condition
  • Status
  • BillCode
  • Territory

In the appropriate variables on your alert subscription, set the field you use to tag ShipOut equipment via codes you set in eAuto. This will auto populate the SSRS Report filter options for users running the report. 

Of special note:

Variable7 Custom Attribute Set Up:

For Vendor Record to link a vendor to the corresponding customer setup for the dealer, if you have a two way relationship where you and the other dealer are both servicing equipment for each other.

We suggest that you create a custom property (an attribute that has a datatype of 'Lookup' and for the 'Lookup type:'  and from the the drop 'Customers (Number)'...and the lookuptype will be stored as  'AR_CUSTOMER_NUMBER' ) .  You would assign this attribute to your Configuration  (custom properties) that is associated to the Vendor table.

This is the only way we can truly determine that a dealer you are servicing equipment for (typically setup as customers for you to bill the dealer) may also be servicing equipment for you (where they are a vendor).  

Of course, you might be shipping equipment out to a dealership who does not have any equipment shipped in for you to service, but the missing 'link' helps us identify to you who you are spending money with and they might not be sending you business.


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