ID84 - Notifies when a new Inventory Item is Created

This alert emails you when a new item record has been created in inventory and reports the critical fields so you can quickly review that everything was set up and coded correctly. The alert uses the Service Code Category, so if the item does not have a Service Code assigned then it will always be included in this alert.

Use the variables to limit item records to trigger on. Leave variables blank to trigger on all new item records created:

Variable W - enter a 'P' to exclude part items using the Service Code Category assigned, or 'S' to exclude supply items using service code category assigned. P=Parts, S=Supply. Leave blank for All.

Variable X - List Sales Codes on items to exclude

Variable Y - Item Categories on items to exclude



Sample Output and Critical Fields:


Use ID169 to report on new items created and recent changes to critical fields.



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