ID169 - Item Change Audit Overview & Sample

To identify when (and by whom) changes have been made to the following critical Item Record components: 

*Please see THIS POST on how last updator determined for this report*

Item Number, Description, Category, Serialized, Inventory Code, ExpenseCode, SalesCode, ServiceCode, Yield, EquipmentCode, Taxable, Cost, DefaultPrice, Active, UseBaseOutCost, BaseOutCost, OutCostGroup, Default Vendor, E-InfoEnabled, Returnable, Make, Model, ItemUsageLimitType

This alert also includes notice of new Item Record(s) created and by whom.

**Please note we are limited by eAuto's record of last updator. The last update field is strictly the last person to click ok on the record and not necessarily the person who made the changes. So if the record was created \ changed at noon today by User A, but User B opened that record and clicked ok when exiting it at 12:15, it will show as though User B made the creation \ changes to the record.

**Please note, if no changes made, alert will still send email and attached PDF will be blank (due to limitation within Crystal Reports)**

Sample New Item Record:

Sample Item Record Changes:

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