ID52 - POs Tied to Calls Created Today to Technician Overview & Sample:

This alert sends your technicians a list of all parts that have been ordered for their calls today. The alert runs daily at the end of the day in order to capture all PO's that have been created. This is a double check for the technician to make sure that all of their needed parts for the day have been ordered; if it's not on the list, it hasn't been ordered! It is the technician's job to verify that all parts they need have been ordered. (And chase the Parts Manager if there are items missing).
The alert depends on PO creation being linked to the service call. The alert will run daily, default schedule is at 4 pm.
Variable W - Branch Numbers: Separate branch numbers by comma or leave blank to trigger on all branches.
Related Alerts: 
ID619 - Parts not Ordered by WP Calls: Sends your technician a list of parts which should have been ordered, but haven't been yet. More detail here
*ID619 differs from ID52 in that it's looking at parts that should have been ordered, but have not yet. ID52 is a list of everything that has been ordered. ID619 is looking at all calls on hold (WP calls by default) and determines if there is no linked PO with those parts included. You can add more on hold codes to this alert through VariableW.
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