ID280 - Clicks Between Calls Analysis by Model (Custom Report Only) Overview & Sample:

This alert is a custom report for Copies Between Calls analysis of models. We will install this report in the custom report section of eAutomate.
This alert has no variables.
Report filters:
Trigger Calls Closed - Date range for calls to be considered (Default is this Month to Date)
Models - Include all or filter (Default is include all)
Technicians - Include all or filter (Default is include all)
Calltypes - Include all or filter (Default is include all)
Customers - Include all or filter (Default is include all)
Group 1 - Segment/Model/Technician/Customer (Default is Segment)
Group 2 - Segment/Model/Technician/Customer (Default is Model)
Group 3 - Segment/Model/Technician/Customer (Default is Technician)
Sample report:
The report will group the models under the Segment. Double clicking on the model name will take you to a sub report that has the technician information:
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