ID872 - Technician Overstock Pull Back Report Overview & Sample:

This is a custom report you run directly from EA. It will identify items in a tech's warehouse that are potentially overstocked. It shows the quantities over the min/max that should be returned to the main warehouse. It will also show the bin they should be returned to. This report gives you the option to automatically create a transfer order for the items that need to be returned so they can be processed easily. The idea is to provide a report to the techs for the items they need to return and process this through a transfer order. (ID872 is a bring back report for OVERSTOCK items, ID694 is bring back for NOT USED.)
There are no variables for this alert.
Report filters:
Items - Include all or filter (Default is include all)
Warehouses - Include all or filter (Default is include all)
Return to Warehouse - Restock Warehouse (Must include a warehouse here for the report to populate)
Branch - Choose Branch
Stock Min Max - Option to either use Stock Min or Stock Max
Create Transfer Order - Yes/No to create transfer order
Sample report:
**If you see the note in red "Item wouldn't have been on transfer order because: *** No POR Bin Defined on Item", this is in reference to the bin defaults on the item record, and that there is not a warehouse and bin set for Purchase Order Receipt (POR). This is set on the Bin defaults tab of the item record:
Related Alerts:
ID694 - Technician Stale Inventory Items Only (SubProcess of ID72): ID872 is a bring back report for OVERSTOCK items, ID694 is bring back for NOT USED. More details on ID694 here.
ID867 - BEI Tech CarStock Minimum File Update Process:  If your using BEI's Territory Mapping Tools, you can download from them your techs inventory optimization stock report and use the spreadsheet we provide to update the techs min stock levels so that the 872 report is running against BEI's suggested stock levels bases on Technicians MIF. More detail on ID867 here.
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