Technician CarStock Warehouse Set Up

Best practice is for each technician with a car stock to have their own allocated Warehouse & Bin set up in eAutomate, this allows you to easily track what parts are given to the tech, what parts they use or return to you.

in eAutomate under Inventory / Warehouse, create a 'new' warehouse. Enter the technicians name or tech # in the name and description, to easily identify the warehouse.

Set the Type: Technician      

Link Warehouse to the Technicians record

Normally your parts person will receive the items into inventory in the main warehouse first, then transfer the parts to the techs warehouse, you will want to select 'use parent warehouse for receiving orders'. If you have techs who never come into the shop because of distance and have parts shipped, some clients will then uncheck this box and receive their parts directly into the techs carstock.


Create a bin:

Under Standard Bin, click on new and create a bin for that technician


The Warehouse and Bin will also be linked in their employee record


See this link for setting up a technicians employee record, and what is required

Alerts to help with stocking their carstock:

Using the ILC Inventory Logistics Console and setting up min/max auto reordering

ID629 Parts required on incomplete call

ID677 Tech carstock not counted in certain period of time

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