ID911 - Supply Order Placed Against Contract due to Expire - Overview and Sample

Ideally you do not want to ship a bunch of supplies out on a contract that's about to expire; there's no guarantee that you will get them back. This alert reviews newly created Sales Orders and advises when supplies have been ordered for a machine on which the contract is about to expire. It is specific to supply items (per the category of the service code) and assumes the sales order line item is properly linked to the contract in question. A given contract will only trigger every five days. 
This alerts runs by default every 20 minutes. 
Variable W - # of days prior to contract expiration: This is the # of days prior to the expiration date to trigger the alert. The default value is 45.
Variable Y  - Branch Numbers to trigger on, separated by comma, or leave blank for ALL
Sample Alert:
Related Alerts:
ID593 - Service Call that's a possible Sales Lead: This alert triggers for service calls on machines that may be better served by a sales rep rather than a service technician (One of the triggers is contracts approaching expiration). More detail on this alert here.
ID762 - Call Dispatched on Equipment Where Contract About to Expire: This alert triggers when a technician is dispatched on a call where the equipment is about to expire. 
ID799 - Service Call for a Lease End Machine: Use this alert to trigger on service calls where the lease is about to expire. More detail here.
Items are defined as "Supply" on the item service code, see screenshot below:
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