ID762 - Call Dispatched to Eqp on Contract about to expire - Overview and Sample

This alert will advise when a call is dispatched to an equipment on a contract which is about to expire. The intent with the alert was to identify calls against equipment on rental contracts so that excessive parts and service costs could be avoided against those machines, but the alert is capable of looking for any Contract Types as identified in Variable X. Note that this alert does NOT consider the contract associated to the call, it considers contracts the target equipment is attached to.
The default schedule for this alert is to run every ten minutes.
Variable W - # of Days before expiration to trigger: This is the number of days before the expiration date of the contract to trigger the alert. The default value is 90.
Variable X - ContractType(s) to include: The contract types for the alert to trigger on, separated by a comma. You can leave this blank to trigger for all contract types.
Alert Sample:
Related Alerts:
ID799 - Service call for a lease end machine: This alert advises on a service call for a machine where the lease is almost up, instead of the contract. More information on this alert here.
ID911 - Supply Order placed against contract due to expire: This alert advises on supply orders placed against contracts due to expire soon. More information on this alert here.
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