ID644 - Daily List of Customer Payment Details (Receipts) Overview & Sample:

Do you need to know when payments are applied?  Maybe you are looking for large payments, checking on the AR clerk who is posting the receipts to make sure they are being applied to specific invoices and not sitting open on the account (sometimes this is a result of what you think is a duplicate payment, when in fact the first check was incorrectly applied making this receipt look like a duplicate) or maybe you have an internal leasing company in a second eautomate database, and need an alert to go to the equipment side cash receipts person to reconcile service billing portion of payment made to leasing company.

ID644 will handle all those needs.  Sample output (shown below) shows Customer, Check#, Date posted, Total Check Amount, and Amount applied to each invoice number.


Report Footer shows grand total of payments received.   (See Below)


This alert has Variable (w) Invoice Type:

Invoice Type(s) to report Invoice Type(s) to report (separate list by comma)(DM = Debit Memos, CM = Credit Memos, I = all other invoices)
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