ID894 - Large Payment Received Overview & Sample:

Waiting on a big check? Just want to monitor receivables?  ID894 will trigger to advise you, or senior management, or whomever, of large payments received and entered into eAutomate.

Set VariableW to the minimum payment amount you want to trigger on.

Best Practices on this alert:

  • Maybe you just want an idea of what’s going on in receivables so you set it for $1000.00.
  • If you’re looking for big ticket item payments, so you know when to process commissions on that, you could always set it much higher (ex. $25000.00).

Alert will show, Total $, any Reversal,  Customer Name, Method of Payment, Check#(if applicable), Check Date (if applicable) and the Creator of the Receipt:

Sample below:


NOTE:  By default, the alert is designed with a 17 day look back and will report all that it hasn't reported previously in that 17 days. The first time you use the alert, the output you get will report everything within the 17 day range. Next run should only be what it hasn't previously reported on. Lookback is to "catch" backdated payments that are dated the date they should have been credited to the customers accounts, but for some reason, AR didn't have all the necessary information to post.  

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