ID626 - Calls Put on Hold Instead of Being Rescheduled Overview & Sample:

We found situations where Techs were avoiding 'reschedules' and stopping response times by placing needed parts on the original call from customer without going on site, and putting that original call 'OnHoldForParts' to stop response time. They 'knew' they needed parts and that they didn't have them, so to hit the response time without triggering a reschedule, they found this little work around. This alert will go to the techs manager anytime a non-rescheduled call is placed on hold where the onhold code stops response time. You can specify in VariableW if you only want to be notified for these non-reschedules onhold with Parts on the call. 
The default schedule for this alert is every 15 minutes.
Variable W - Trigger on 'all' calls or 'Parts' calls: Set to 'ALL' to trigger on all calls or 'Parts' to only trigger on calls that have parts assigned to them. Default value is ALL.
Variable Z - Attribute Name used to identify employee as 'FieldTech': Custom Property Attribute used to identify employees as 'FieldTech' (Set to Yes/No). Default value is ZCJFieldTech.
Variable Y - Branch Numbers: Branch Number for alert to trigger on. Leave blank for all. Default value is blank.
Alert Sample:
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