ID446 - Remove Voided Invoices in Document Queue Overview & Sample:

Business Case: It would be nice if a voided invoice is removed from the document queue automatically, or at least ask you if you want to remove it.  We had a customer call confused because they got the invoice, the credit memo that voided it, and the re-billed invoice by email, and all were done in the same day.  We have our e-agent set to send only once a day after hours, so that would not have happened if the voided invoice had been removed.  

Note:  Over the years, Eauto has helped with this issue by updating the software to include warnings when voiding...Now, when voiding an invoice you can uncheck the box to send or email the invoice. This keeps the invoice from going to the document queue. The original invoice will still need to be removed from the queue. However, some of your operators will breeze on by the box and the voids will end up in the document queue.  

ID446 will alert you when this happens.


Sample Output:


This alert has the following variable:

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