ID276 - Supply Order has been Released from Credit Hold Overview & Sample:

This alert will notify you when a supply order has been released from hold. This notification allows your Sales Order Processor to get the order processed, shipped and billed.  Use ID270 to advise on ALL SOs released from Credit Hold. The creator is the person who entered the SO.

Alert can email the Creator and/or Static email address(s).

When a customer has exceeded their credit terms (past due) whether you manually put them on credit hold, or use E-agent to place them on hold, the account notation here of credit hold will trigger sales orders/service calls to be placed on hold:  


When you place an order and it is placed on credit hold, the order is marked as follows: 


This alert will notify you when that credit hold has been released and the order is ready to process.

Email output sample:


This alert has no variables.

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