ID108 - New COD Call Created (Alert Dispatch) COD Call Dispatched (Alert Tech) Overview & Sample:

Ever have a call just sit there on hold because the customer was COD?  Or a tech that completed a COD call and didn't pick up the payment, claiming he didn't see the message, or didn't know he was supposed to?

This is a two-stage alert. When a new call is created and the Terms Code on the call contains the word you enter in variable W (COD for example), the person(s) entered in the To/CC fields will be notified so they can call the customer to make arrangements for payment. They will enter the payment details in the Problem Description field along with the actual problem description (ex: See Melissa to pickup check). The second part of this alert happens when the call is dispatched. The technician will receive an alert with the call number, customer, and contents of the problem description field so they will know how to get payment.  

This alert gives you all the information you need to call or email the customer, as well as a description of the call problem.  This added information can give you the leverage you need to collect the payment.  For example:  "Mr. Customer, your machine needs service and the problem reported is preventing your users from making copies", or "your machine needs routine maintenance which we will be unable to perform until you authorize your personnel to pay the technician, please let us know when we can perform the work".


Sample Output of ID108 contains Branch Number, Service Call #, Customer Name, Caller Name, Phone# and email address, and Call Description as shown below:


This alert has 3 Variables:

VarW = The string of characters to search for in your terms code (i.e. COD)

VarX  = To alert technician via email of COD call info as call is dispatched (YES/NO).

VarY  = Branch numbers alert should fire on (separate multiples by comma or leave blank for ALL)

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