ID675 PMs Past Due or Due within XX days includes Custom Property Option Overview & Sample:


ID675 provides a list of Equipment that have enabled 'PM Based On Due Date' and the due date is within Variable W days and/or is past due. This process also targets specific equipment when a custom property is set to enabled. You must set up your equipment with PM schedules, see link below for further detail.

Click this link for detailed instructions how to configure eAutomate PM schedules on equipment & model records. Includes instructions on creating the eAgent task to auto create PM calls in the dispatch console, and how to bulk update equipment records with a PM schedule


Var W - # of days Until Due date (# of days prior to PM Due Date)

VarX  = Custom Property for Dept/CostCenter (custom property for customers dept / costcenter...leave blank if not using)

VarY  = Custom Property assigned on Equipment Record for Critical Device identification (Custom property set to enabled)

Sample of output:




Also See ID565 a similar version with less detail that just looks at due dates based on settings


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