ID565 Equipment PM Due Within Var W# Days or Past Due Overview & Sample:

ID565 is for clients whose business practice is to perform scheduled PMs (Preventative Maintenances), and you have taken the time to set up PM intervals in eAutomate and want to ensure those PM service calls are performed according. This alert will email when an equipments' PM date is coming due and/or past due, reminding you that a service call needs to be assigned to a technician. 

Click this link for eAutomate configuration instructions on setting up PM schedules in equipment & model records. The link also has instructions on creating the eAgent task to auto create PM calls in the dispatch console, and how to bulk update equipment records with a PM schedule

This alert will only work if your company is diligent about maintaining the PM Cycle information on your equipment/models and doing PM calls in eAutomate so that the next PM due date is updated properly. Equipment with no PM date will be ignored.

Variable W: Set # of Days out to check for PM due

Sample Output below:


See ID675 if you want an alert to target specific machines assigned a custom property


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