ID69 - PO Receipts for Equipment not tied to Sales Orders, Overview and Sample

Need to know when your equipment has been received?  ID69 is used to alert the delivery scheduler and A/P that equipment items were received for a PO. It will also indicate in the email if the PO is tied to the sales order if VariableW is set to 'ALL,' otherwise it will report only receipts not tied to an SO.  Alert considers items on PO's set as Host in eAuto Model Record. 

Sample Output reports Vendor Name, Purchase Order #, Item#, Item Description, Serial Number, Quantity, Sales Order Number, Customer Name, Preferred Full Name, and Unique ID as shown below:


This alert has 1 Variable:

VarW = 'ALL' to show ALL Eqp Receipts, else 'UNLINKED' to show only those not linked to SO


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