ID343 - Backordered Item Received on Open Sales Order Overview & Sample;

For clients who want to notify their Order Processor whenever an Equipment sales order is in status 'Open - Open' (the detailed status is the trigger). This is to catch orders that move out of the 'Backordered' status to 'Open' when a linked purchase order is received for that sales order. You need to create a JOB in eAutomate, and associates the internal processor as an eAutomate contact record for that Job so that we can find the email address to send the alert to. Please see this ECi Help link for setting up job roles (you can use search function and enter word 'job' for instructions). If you do not require job you can just use the normal To/CC addresses.

Variable Options:

VariableW: OrderType(s) (not description), separated by commas (i.e. Equipment, Supply, etc.)

VariableX: Detailed Status (Open, Backordered, etc) you wish to alert when sales order status is changed to (i.e. Open) and was previously on backorder.

**Please note the detailed status is shown here in eAuto:

(Alert requires the order to have been in back ordered status first)





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