ID374 - List Models Missing Qualification Codes, Overview and Sample

This alert is only for dealerships who are utilizing e-automate's technician qualification features to monitor equipment techs are qualified to work on. Models are assigned qualification codes that will link back to technicians qualification codes so that only techs who are qualified are working on those types of calls. If you're not maintaining your qualification codes on your models and technicians then this alert is not for you. The alert ignores any models where the qualification code is (ALL). See ID375 also.

Qualification codes are set in Eautomate/Tools/Lists and Codes/Qualifications:


On the qualification code in lists and codes (in Eauto), bring the Models tab forward and add the related models by finding them in the available models on the left and using the arrow to move them to the selected box.  (If qualification code is ALL, Models are not necessary)



These qualifications are then placed on the appropriate tech record with the related training (People/Employee/Edit Employee/Qualifications Tab:


 When ID374 triggers, you'll receive a list of Models that aren't on the Model tab of any of the qualifications:


This alert has no variables.

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