ID862 - Call Update to Help Desk Overview & Sample:

This variant on ID54 sends updates to a HelpDesk contact every time a new note is entered on the respective WorkOrder. ID54 can fire as the call changes Statuses, but when calls are farmed out to third parties it's not always feasible or preferable to modify call Status based on the third-party's feedback. Using this process, the notes entered on the WO are communicated to the HelpDesk contact as they're entered. This process DOES assume one WorkOrder per call except in the case of re-scheduled calls.

See ID54 for Sample output.


Variables are:


VarW = CustomPropertyAttribute at Customer Level to specify contact to send updates to

VarX  = CustomPropertyAttribute at Customer Level to enable sending to contact linked to call (Enable/Disable)

VarY  = NoteType(s)to trigger on, separated by comma, or left blank for ALL


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