ID893 - Financial Model Mapping Application

ID893 is a custom application we built to allow you to "map" your chart of accounts to the Global Model. This enables you to to run a report that will display your numbers based on the Global chart of accounts without having to change yours. This is a one time exercise and will only need to be updated if you add additional accounts. Our process also allows for multiple "models" if you want your own customized version. We expect this one time exercise to take less than a half day.

See THIS LINK for Employee Mapping within ID893.

Once ID893 is installed, we will email whomever subscribed and include the link to our application. It will be installed on our "JuiceBox" and to launch it please open Internet Explorer and go to http://juicebox:8888 (replacing juicebox with the name of the server our software is installed on).

Please note reports are located at http://juicebox/reports.

Can't access the app or report and the web address is correct? SEE HERE

**Note only IE is supported, don't use Chrome, Firefox, Safari etc.  If you are getting an error the site may be blocked by your firewall, add the URL as a safe site to prevent this.

Click on the link to Financial - Mapping:

Login: user

Password: map



The Model (1) for SBA dealer members will be SBA2016, we suggest a sort by Account Number (2) and then filter by whatever accounts you want to map 1st.

Active accounts appear first and are followed by inactive accounts


Pick your accounts and then Add Mapping Rule.


We give you the option to Include or exclude all departments (1), GL Branches and GL Divisions. Once you have your selection complete then chose where in the model the selection gets allocated to (2), then click Add Allocation (3).

To map one account to different departments with different allocations, do one complete mapping first to one department (or as many as you wish that are the same), choose save, then add additional mapping rule and map the next department with a different allocation.

Remember if you exclude certain departments you must 1st go to Included and check All


For situations where you might have a set of revenue accounts that have a matching set of cost of goods accounts we allow you to "clone" the mapping.



You can edit a mapping to make changes



Note that you can choose to allocate just a percentage but if your total allocations do not add up to 100% then the results will be highlighted red.



To assist you with what is to be mapped where, go to the top right, choose accounts, this gives you a breakdown of all the accounts and what generally is placed in those accounts.



It's also a good idea to refer directly to your 2015 Survey to assist with mapping, as in the example below if you are unsure of what bucket to place a MNS account between product or services



When you are finished mapping, or just want to see what the results look like, click the Update Mapped link.


 Then hit Update Mapped Data


Wait for the message to say update complete.


Once mapped you will want to run ID900 to see how the results look, details here.








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