ID978 - HubSpot and eAuto Integration Overview & Sample:

Push data between eAuto and HubSpot

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HubSpot is the most popular marketing automation solution within our client base. It is also a very competitive CRM. We are expanding our existing integration to allow you to also use it as a CRM. Pushing in your customer's equipment and lease details.

In addition, HubSpot has a free version of the CRM and we are able to pull some key marketing data from HubSpot back into eAuto. This is Industry Type (NAIC code), # of Employees and Revenue. This is for clients who do not have the Marketing version of HubSpot and want to market from eAuto data.

Our existing sync will push your customers and the Key Services (ID789) they use from eAuto into HubSpot and is now part of this process. Also included here is our options to push your Promoters so we can build a list of your raving fans that love your copier service but are not using you for Managed Print for example. We can also build lists to allow you to market to end of life models or customers approaching lease end.

This integration also supports pushing "Child" accounts, you must have the eAuto Customer Number for parent and child in HubSpot.

The CRM equipment integration requires HubSpot custom objects only available in their Enterprise products such as Marketing Hub Enterprise or Sales Hub Enterprise. It may also be available as part of the standard marketing platform and Enterprise is not needed, but confirm with your HubSpot rep.


Run Schedule: Sundays AM



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Lease Info (Object linked to Customer):


Equipment Info (Object linked to Customer):


Promoters (on Contact Record as Property)


npsLastValue = the integer score (1-10) of the last response from that Contact (9)

npsLastDate = date of the last response from that Contact (4/1/2023)

npsLastSurvey = survey name for the last response from that Contact ("Completed Service Call")

npsAudit = all responses from that Contact as date- value, date - value, date- value (1/30/2022 - 6, 2/5/2022 - 8


Key Services (on Customer Record as Property):


Parent Company as Object (Related Companies):



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Variable1: Point this variable (by using drop down or link to 'Profile/Integrations section' to link to your HubSpot System Credentials entered on website under Integrations. See Linking to HubSpot instructions below on how / where to set.

VariableY: Enter Branch Numbers to consider to filter out branches or leave blank for ALL



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Alert Functionality

Alert Functionality

1. This integration can update HubSpot Company Record with eAuto information, such as Equipment Record details, Service Leases, Contacts, as well as Key Services and Net Promoters.  It is configured via a configuration file handled by CEO Juice rather than Subscription variables.

2. For those without the HubSpot Enterprise version, we can push in Promoters, Companies, Contacts, and our Quarterly Business Review (ID259). 

For those with the HubSpot Enterprise version, we can also push in Equipment, Contracts, and Service Leases.

3. Use the 'Notes to juice' section on Details tab of your ID978 subscription to indicate what you would like to sync:


4. Once integration is installed and running, info will be visible under Company or Contact Record similar to this:


5. We can update eAuto with HubSpot information. We can choose from any of these fields to put in via Custom Property on Customer Record in eAuto:

  • Annual revenue
  • Industry
  • Is public
  • Number of employees
  • Time zone
  • Total money raised
  • Website URL
  • Year founded
  • Facebook company page
  • LinkedIn bio
  • LinkedIn company page
  • Twitter handle


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Linking to HubSpot

Linking to HubSpot

In order for us to be able to write / insert to your HubSpot, the following steps are required:

Step 1: Create HubSpot user for CEO Juice under At a minimum, we need "standard user" rights just to see records and verify. If we have to create custom fields (or objects) for them, we will need admin rights.

Step 2: Create a Private App for CEO Juice in HubSpot. This will need to be done by your HubSpot Administrator:

Go to settings / Select Private Apps under Integrations:


Give it name of CEO Juice ID978:


Set these Scopes with needed Read / Write permissions exactly as shown in screenshot:


After creating the new app, it will show this screen. Select "show" and then "copy" the token to enter on CEO Juice website (Step 3 below):
Step 3: Enter the HubSpot Private App Token on CEO Juice website under Profile / Integrations: into HubSpot NOT HubSpot Legacy Authentication. This will need to be done by someone with Admin rights to our website.
Step 4: Set Variable1 on your ID978 subscription to this Integration Name:
Step 5: Let us know at these steps are completed.


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Related Alerts

Related Alerts

ID259 - HubSpot Quarterly Business Review


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