ID258 - QBR - Survey Responses (Worksheet9)


Shows submitted surveys for the time period of this report.

Please note:

The NPS Score and quantity of ALL surveys (any survey, not just service surveys) submitted reflected on CustomerReview(Worksheet1) is based only on NPS Score on survey answers to the NPS Question "How likely is it that you would recommend our company to a friend or colleague?" More surveys may show on the Survey Responses tab as your customer may not have answered the NPS question.

**If you do not see any survey responses, then your client hasn't responded to any surveys for the time period filter.

**If you see no Worksheet9, then your customer hasn't ever been sent a survey to complete.

**If there are fewer survey responses on Worksheet 9 than indicated on the main page, check that all survey responses are showing under the main customer number. All survey responses can also be accessed via the survey dashboard. 




* * *

Use these links for detailed explanation and formulas used for each of the worksheets provided:

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Detail Stats Chart (Worksheet4) | Detail Stats (Worksheet5) | Equip Details (Worksheet6)

Lease Details (Worksheet7) | Service Details (Worksheet8) | Survey Responses (Worksheet9)



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