ID258 - Equipment Excessive Calls (Worksheet2)

This page provides list of devices with most Corrective Maintenance calls. Default is to list any device with 5 or more qualifying calls for the time period reporting on. When running SSRS report you can change filter Isolate Equipment having # of CM Calls exceeding (X) for period as needed.

Quick Link to Data Explanations:

Equipment Number | Call Type Description | Call Description


CM Calls = Corrective Maintenance category service calls (does not include category codes such as preventative maintenance, courtesy call, phone fix, other, etc.)


Be sure to expand all rows in spreadsheet to see all details. This is intended to be quick snapshot for your customer and/or reference.

Equipment Number:

Equipment ID# assigned to device in eAuto

Call Type Desc:

Full description of Call Type on Service Call in eAuto

Call Description:

Description entered on Service Call by dispatch per your customer


For service call number and/or more details, please go to Service Details (Worksheet8). 

* * *

Use these links for detailed explanation and formulas used for each of the worksheets provided:

Customer Review (Worksheet1) | Equipment Excessive Calls (Worksheet2) | Current Equipment Details (Worksheet3)

Detail Stats Chart (Worksheet4) | Detail Stats (Worksheet5) | Equip Details (Worksheet6)

Lease Details (Worksheet7) | Service Details (Worksheet8) | Survey Responses (Worksheet9)



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