ID376 - Tech MIA Overview & Sample

This alert advises of techs that are considered unaccounted for since leaving their last dispatched call, but not dispatched to a new one or otherwise accounted for. (Minimum EA 8.7 Required)

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**IN ORDER FOR THIS ALERT TO BE RELIABLE SOURCE OF INFORMATION, YOU MUST HAVE YOUR UNAVAILABLE TIMES IN eAUTO SET UP PROPERLY. Otherwise, you will be subscribing to an alert that will regularly notify you of Tech MIA info that will be unreliable. Please see THIS LINK link for needed Unavailable Entries and Correct Service Hours & Holiday Entries in eAuto**

Here is the series of events and order the alert logic looks at before considering a tech MIA:

1. Tech is NOT dispatched on a service call

2. Per Tech Employee Record's Service Hours, is tech supposed to be working?

3. Does Tech have Custom Property listed in VariableW (i.e. ZCJFieldTech)?

4. Is it currently outside the start and end grace times per Variables X and Y?

5. Is the branch this Tech is assigned to open per the Branch Service Hours?

6. Is Tech NOT currently on a tech assist call?

7. Is Tech NOT marked as unavailable per the Tech's Employee Record?

8. There is NO time card entry (opened or closed) for this tech covering the current time

9. Has Tech finished a call today? (to calculate how long Tech has been considered MIA)

10. Based on VariableX (grace period at start of day) and VariableY (grace period at end of day), the logic calculates the time between now and either last-call-departed-today OR start-of-service-hours today, whichever is more recent to determine if considered MIA.

For any techs meeting the criteria, the alert will trigger.

Run Schedule: Every 15 minutes

Type of Output: Email


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Variable W: Custom Property used to identify Field Techs in their Employee Record, default=ZCJFieldTech

Variable X: Grace period to give techs at the start of their day (do not trigger until X minutes after their ServiceHours begin), default=60 **60 is recommended so no false triggers during the day for lunch, etc. Can tighten if you're using time card entries for an activity like lunch

Variable Y: Grace period to give techs at end of their day (do not trigger if less than Y minutes until their ServiceHours end), default=45

Variable Z: # of minutes MIA before the alert begins to trigger on the tech (for instance '60' if eAuto doesn't know where he's been for over sixty minutes), default=60


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Alert Functionality



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Best Practices & Tips

-If tech is doing shop work, a service call or time card entry will be required or this alert will fire

-This alert is different from ID172/Tech Status Report - not Dispatched or Arrived in that ID172 indicates if tech may be starting later or leaving early, whereas ID376 fires throughout the day

-Please see THIS LINK for use of the features in Remote Tech where you can force a tech to account for more than X minutes without an entry which then requires tech to pick a timecard entry to show what they were doing. Please note: the tech has to select the new time card each week or the feature does not work.


-Please let know if you have techs in different time zones as we will need to adjust this alert for you to accommodate



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ID172 - Tech Status - Not Dispatched or Arrived


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